Friday, November 22, 2019


Hey everyone!

So last year, author Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick had the great idea for an indie book sale - where authors band together to promote each other's books at a discounted rate, with links for all of them on one extremely well-organized website.  It was a blast, both as a reader and as an author (I'm still reading some of the books I snagged during last year's sale!) so I was excited to hear that the same thing would be happening this year.

There were tons of books available last year, so I can only imagine that this year's offerings will be even greater!  If you want to join in on the fun and get a reminder when the sale goes live, feel free to join the Facebook event HERE!  It's only one week away, so make sure to join ASAP!

The sale will run from November 29th through December 2nd - Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Every single ebook available will be on sale for either FREE or 0.99 - which is a pretty great deal!  In case you're wondering, my books are available: you can get Welcome Home, My Compass Home, and Beautiful Chaos for free, and Something New for only 0.99.  It's a great time to catch up on each series before the final books come out - remember, Guide Me Home's release is slated for early next week, so while it misses the threshold for this sale, you can still pick up the first two books for FREE  before you read the finale!

Starting November 29th, make sure to check the link HERE for the official list of books available during the sale period!  And share, share, share -- especially if you have friends who like to read too!


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