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GUEST POST by Livy Lynn Jarmusch: London Love

Hey everyone!  Today I have a super-special guest post written by none other than Olivia Lynn Jarmusch, author of the Tales of Tarsurella Series!

Before we get to her fantastic guest post (I mean, now I want to go to London too!) I wanted to let you know about her latest release, The Wedding (The Tales of Tarsurella Series #3).


“Vanessa Bennett is living in a real-life fairytale. Now that she’s engaged to the man of her dreams, The Palace Staff is consumed with wedding preparation. The upcoming event is no small affair, as Vanessa is bombarded with hundreds of decisions she needs to make before the wedding date arrives. Amidst the endless details concerning dresses, decorations and napkins, a greater question looms: is Vanessa truly ready to become Queen? As tensions rise within Tarsurella, the role of joining her betrothed in governing an ever-shifting nation is no small task. Will she crack under the pressure?Meanwhile, Jane Akerly is hoping to awaken from a nightmare. Her father has been missing for months. Advised to accept the harsh reality that he may never return, Jane isn’t ready to give up. She finds comfort in the one place she’s always run to for escape–her daydreams. Her imagination has the power to carry her across the ocean, stroll the streets of London, and imagine that all is well. In an unexpected turn of events, Jane is given the opportunity to create the future of her dreams–but will her pen be enough to save her? The Wedding is Book #3 in The Tales of Tarsurella Series.”

Purchase The Wedding on Amazon HERE and shelf it on Goodreads HERE!

What Livy Would Do If She Spent A Day In London, Like Jane In The Wedding

I have 24 hours to spend in the most magical, rainy, sparkly city on earth...London, England.

How would I spend it?

Creating a dream itinerary for just 24 hours in this whimsical city, isn’t a task for the faint of heart. With a wealth of history hiding behind every cinder block, a girl could get lost in the endless possibilities. (And trust me, I have. Many-a-lazy-Sunday-afternoons have been spent creating the perfect, London itinerary!)

It’s absolutely on my Bucket List to someday take a trip to London, just like Jane did in The Wedding. But my dream itinerary consists of spending two weeks in England - so how am I supposed to narrow down so many adventures into one day?!     

*Inhales deeply*. Buckle up folks, because this won’t be easy. I hope you have your passport. Ready? Let’s go!

First and Foremost: The City Soundtrack 

No trip to London would be complete without a proper soundtrack! Music is the spice of life, and we can’t fly ALL the way across the ocean without the sounds of the city serenading us on our way! 

But these are a few of the “Must Have loaded onto your phone” highlight songs.  

Underneath the Lovely London Sky - Mary Poppins Returns

London Eyes - Livy Jarmusch

Here Comes the Sun - The Beetles

We’ll Be a Dream -  We the Kings and Demi Lovato

The Second Star to the Right - Disney Instrumental

Juliet and Dawsey - The Guernsey Island and Potato Peel Pie Society Soundtrack

Top Attractions

First order of business? Hopping on a red double decker bus! I don’t know what it is about these iconic vehicles, but much like Jane in The Wedding, I have a fantastical obsession with them, hehe.

I’ll get my London Pass from ( and I can hit up multiple attractions at once! 

~ Big Ben 

My Peter-Pan loving heart pitter-patters when I think about standing before this iconic clock tower.

~Buckingham Palace

I know the Queen will want to meet with me! ;)

~The London Eye

The idea of being 440 feet in the air, towering above the ground is slightly terrifying, but I think it’s the closest I’ll get to feeling like I’m soaring over the city! Will you ride it with me?! Comment below and let me know if you’d like to stay on the ground and eat a pretzel, or come brave the heights with me! 

~The London Bridge 

Perfect Instagram location, right?! 

~Kensington Palace

So long as we’re visiting royals, I must drop in and say hello to Kate and William as well! ;)

~Kensington Gardens

Soul mission: Find Peter Pan. 

~The West End Theater 

My Broadway-loving heart would ADORE seeing a Broadway show in the West End!

My Personal Bucket List 

In addition to exploring the wondrous sights above, I have a few personal “bucket list” items that I feel must happen in order to have a most delightful 24 hours in London! Something kinda comical about this list, is a few of the items simply came about after writing The Wedding, and because of certain things my characters I want to do them too! :D 

~Eat in a genuine “Fish and Chips” shop, like Jane did. 

~Attempt to make a Royal Guard laugh.

~Speak in my horribly fake Brittish accent and see if anyone mistakes me for a local. (As I’m carrying a vlogging camera in my hand and snapping a million photos? Ha! Fat chance!) 

~Buy the cutest little tea-pot a girl can find.

~Break out in the chorus of “London Sky” (from Mary Poppins Returns) and leap around with some fabulous dance moves.

~Go into at least one, high-fashion, crazy-expensive clothing store and pretend I’m actually going to buy something.

~Find a Brittish husband - oh wait, did I say that out loud?

~Sit in a park, lay on my back, and stare up at the sky, absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that I finally made it to London. <3 

There you have it, friends! That’s how I would spend 24 hours in London! What about you? Comment below and let me know what you would do in this sparkly city!

Livy Jarmusch - YA Christian Fiction Author of The Tales of Tarsurella and Regal Hearts

Before you go....

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