Thursday, November 26, 2020


Hey everyone!  If you've been following Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick for the past few years, you've probably heard about this sale before -- and if you haven't, stick around because I have some awesome news for you!  Every year, she hosts an Indie Kindle sale on her website.  ALL of the books listed on her site are either $0.99 or less, and all of them follow a pretty clean rating system.  There are a lot of great titles (the last I heard, there were around 400 titles available!) available for a wide range of readers.  All of these books will be on sale from Black Friday (today) through Cyber Monday.  I always look forward to this sale, because it's a quick and easy way to find new books and indie authors to support, and I know that the content rating is pretty good on all of them, so I don't get any...interesting surprises halfway through the romance book, if you know what I mean.  

All of the books in both of my series will be available for free, so make sure to snag some copies!  Now's a great time to do so, since it's the first time Guide Me Home AND Keeping Cassie are available on Kindle for free! 

Faith, Hope, and Love collection: Welcome Home, My Compass Home, and Guide Me Home
Mount Sterling collection: Beautiful Chaos, Something New, and Keeping Cassie.  

Click HERE to view all the books available, and make sure to fill up your Kindle for winter!

Have you found a favorite book through this sale in previous years?  Are you planning on picking up any titles this year?