NEW BEGINNINGS: Reviving the Faith, Hope, and Love Collection?!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hey everyone!  So...remember my first trilogy, the Faith, Hope, and Love collection?  Well, I'm getting rid of it.


And polishing the books, having a proofreader check it out (a spectacular gal, Kara Linaburg, whose services you should check out HERE), putting the three books into ONE volume, with a shiny new cover, making them available as HARDCOVERS, and re-releasing them October 16th! 

So...that was a lot of information blurted out all at once! As of July 4th, the anniversary of the day I published the first edition of Welcome Home, the books will be deactivated from Amazon.  Is it an easy decision to make? Nope, not at all.  There's a bit of nostalgia in taking down my first book babies. There are some reviews I'm sad to lose (although I'll be saving them).  But will it be for the better? Yeah, I think so. The covers are a complete cringe, and the head-hopping in Welcome Home is absolutely horrific.  (If you never noticed that before...I'm sorry. You totally will now.) And overall, I think it's a good move to update them.  

The stories themselves will NOT be changing - the plot's the same for all of them - but they'll be polished and a bit nicer to read.  (Hopefully.)

Plus, I think I really, really like the new cover! 

So what does this mean for readers?  Well, I'll be opening up cover reveals very soon, so if your curiosity is piqued, make sure to keep an eye peeled.  Later on, I'll also have the opportunity for folks to participate in a very laid-back tour celebrating the release over the week of October 10, and that will also include the opportunity to be a reviewer, so stay tuned. 

Sound good?  Sound exciting?  I hope so!  What do you think about the announcement?  

Oh, and P.S.? There might be a Volume 2 in the works... 

Like I said. Stay tuned. 

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