Wednesday, January 5, 2022


Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing a post with the cover reveal for Kara Linaburg's upcoming novel, A Study in Terminal, which will be coming this summer! The cover is stunning, the story is even better, and I'm so excited to share with ya! 

First, some info about the book: 

The hardest goodbyes are the ones we never got to say...
Sean Brogan has spent most of his life running from a past he can never escape and the scars he carries are ones no one can see. He plans to slip into the sleepy town of Lake Fort, West Virginia as quietly as he did ten years before, but his life has never gone as planned. 
As Sean spends time in town, he has no choice but to face the pain that he buried from a life cut off too soon.
An anthem for those of us who have been left behind, “A Study in Terminal” is a vulnerable story about the human condition that reminds us that to beat your past, you first must learn to turn around and face it. 
A Study in Terminal coming June 7th, 2022

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Now, you ready for the cover? 
Check it out below...

 Isn't that awesome? I can't wait for the release. Are you looking forward to reading this too? 


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