Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I have a review for Truth Unshaken by Kristina Hall, which is the final book in the Moretti Trilogy. I was given the opportunity to review this novel (the whole series, actually -- you can check out my prior reviews on my blog as well!) actually last year, but I just was too busy with the holidays and everything to properly sit down and read it until recently, hence...the review today! Before I get into the review, here's some info about the book:

Whom can they trust?

After losing her parents, Carla Belardi discovers her life was a lie. Now, she must flee unless she wants her parents' fate to be her own.

Frank Ashton lost the use of his legs—and his desire to live—in the Great War. When Carla is brought to his home injured, he gains a friend. But despite the attraction growing between them, he can never burden her with a cripple.

Alberto Moretti thought he could do good working for the Prohibition Unit—until he finds out his new employer isn't much better than the criminals he once served. Now, he has to fight both sides—the Prohibition Unit and the crooked Belardis.

When danger surrounds Carla, Frank, and Alberto from too many angles, will they put their trust in the Truth that will never be shaken?



I was really conflicted on how to rate this because while the storyline was compelling, the how the characters were written confused me once in awhile. I think part of that was probably because I was really intrigued over Frank's character since he was initially introduced in the series and his characterization was pretty rocky when he got his own story -- while people struggling with PTSD and other problems that Frank faces can swing between bitter moments and stable moments, not to mention stumbling in his trust in God, which are completely understandable and accurate, but the transitions between those felt a little stiff to me. However, the attitude toward Frank and his disability, were extremely accurate for the times, and I think that's worth noting. Moretti's side of the story was full of speakeasies and "good" cops turning into bad, which definitely keeps the reader guessing. Plus, Carla's storyline might be my favorite out of the women of the Moretti trilogy, and it was interesting to see her paired with Frank.  This story starts off with a bang and then lulls a little bit (except for Moretti being, well, Moretti. Someone get that guy a medic...) I also enjoyed the themes of becoming more mature in your faith and seeing opportunities to grow and taking them instead of letting life pass you by.  If you're a fan of the Moretti trilogy, you'll definitely want to pick this one up! 

Have you read the Moretti trilogy yet, or are you thinking about picking it up sometime?

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