REVIEW: BEHIND THE ACT by Abigayle Claire!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hey everyone! Today's the release day for Abigayle Claire's latest release, Behind The Act! Before we get into the review, check out more info about the book...


The predictable lull of Tiffany Burch’s small-town existence is making her stir-crazy. At the news that her town is going to be a filming location—and local acting talent is needed—she takes a leap to follow in her dead mother’s footsteps as an actress.

Tragedies from Tiffany’s past and present seem to indicate the timing is right, and so she leaves everything from her boyfriend to her shelter dog all for the dream of stardom. Yet as her success grows, so do her anxiety and disillusionment.

As her rise to fame is jeopardized by yet another tragedy, Tiffany returns home. There she must unravel who she really is: the girl her town remembers, the face on the posters, or the still-distraught woman behind the act.


Abigayle has been a writer ever since her mother taught her how to hold a pencil. However, she devoted more time to reading words with her green eyes than penning them with her left hand. Inspired by a crazy dream at the age of sixteen, she set off on a journey to self-publish her first novel, Martin Hospitality.

Since then, Abigayle has devoted herself to sharing what she has learned through the mediums of freelance editing and her blog The Left-Handed Typist when period drama films are not calling more loudly. Now she is committed to providing a community where real-world stories resound and prose has purpose.

None of her successes, including winning a 2017 Readers’ Favorite Award, would be possible without the support of her Savior, large family, and online community.


I sat down to read a couple chapters and ended up reading the whole thing. (Whoops.) Claire does an excellent job of conveying sensitive topics realistically AND tactfully, and the characters are memorable. The plot is engaging and keeps you interested. It's also something original; not a lot of books go this route at all -- I can't get into it with spoilers, but it was refreshing to read. While sometimes I wanted to take the book and whack sense into the main character, it all turns out in the end ;) I did feel as though some portions of  the plot were rushed, but not so much that I lost interest or felt dissatisfied. If you're looking for a contemporary Christian novel, check this one out! 

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