Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hey everyone! Today I have a spotlight and very brief review of Curve of the Earth: A Story of Lazarus, a new novel by Craig Brockman! It was very recently released, so make sure to check it out on Amazon. Fans of speculative fiction will enjoy this twist on the story of Lazarus! Check out the info first -- below: 


What if Lazarus of the Bible was not fated to endure a second death? He lives a Methuselah-life spanning centuries: his body renewed but his faith decaying.
This is the story of a wanderer through an epic of apostacy and dissipation, as sailor and slave, warrior and companion, in love and strife, marooned and forgotten. He struggles to discern the kernel of meaning in a meaningless existence, and to divide the gossamer between mortality and immortality.
Pursued by ruthless Immortals—radiant entities from beyond the veil—he struggles to avert their wrath and protect those he loves. The church becomes a circus of ritual and religion. He yearns only for his Beautiful Friend: the humble Messiah.
Curve of the earth: 
Because we stand on its broad surface, hidden is a view of the earth itself. We see the curve only as it is reflected upon something else: an eclipse or a celestial display that betrays its vastness.
Where are you, Lord?... The Infinite is unseen only because we walk too near.



CRAIG A. BROCKMAN is in tune with the life and culture surrounding Lake Superior having lived in the U.P. (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) for nearly 20 years while employed by the Indian Health Service, Lake Superior State University and at other facilities.

In 2017, an article in the Ontonagon Herald chronicled the final 140-mile leg of his meandering 450-mile hike across the entire U.P. from the Drummond Island Ferry Dock in DeTour Village to a sandbar at the mouth of the Montreal River on the Wisconsin border.

Craig currently lives with his wife Sally in Tecumseh, Michigan. In 2007, he published Marty and the Far Woodchuck, a middle-grade novel. He is published in “The U.P. Reader” #4 & #5

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Curve of the Earth: A Story of Lazarus is an impactful and imaginative story. With fantastic imagery and hard-hitting themes of redemption, it's easy to get into this book and stay into it. 
For fans of gritty fiction and hard-hitting topics, especially around the struggle of faith and overcoming darkness, this is an excellent summer read! 

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