Monday, June 6, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I have a review for A Study in Terminal, the newest release by Kara Linaburg! This one will hit you right in the feels, man. Here's some info on it before we get into the review...


Sean Brogan has spent most of his life running from a past he can never escape. Emotionally abandoned by his alcoholic father and secretly blaming himself for his mother's death, the scars he carries are ones no one can see. On the anniversary of the day that changed his life forever, Sean flees New York City on his 1965 Triumph Bonneville, hoping to face the demons that plague his nightmares.

He plans to slip into the sleepy town of Lake Fort, West Virginia as quietly as he did ten years before, but his life has never gone as planned. Sean never expects to see Rina, the blue-haired sister of his childhood best friend who makes it her mission to rescue the lost things. A hopeful dreamer who sits on the roof and watches the sunset, she represents all the things that he has lost. As Sean spends time in the lakeside town that has haunted his dreams since he was a little boy, he has no choice but to face the pain that he buried from a life cut off too soon. In the blink of an eye, with a gun to his head, Sean is forced to confront what it means to fight for the will to live when your world has gone dark.

An anthem for those of us who have been left behind, A Study in Terminal is a vulnerable story about the human condition that reminds us that to beat your past, you first must turn around and face it.

Content: Parent death by suicide; suicidal thoughts; crime; gang violence; gun violence; substance abuse



Queen of awkward and writer before she could properly spell, Kara Linaburg is passionate about creating stories with beauty in brokenness. When she's not playing the role of author or editor, she's planning her next adventure or watching the sunset. Kara lives in the mountains of West Virginia, the setting of A Study In Terminal. Find her on social media, where making new friends is basically her hobby. @kara_lynn_author


With strong contemporary “Sherlock Holmes” vibes and a masterful grasp on description and poignant stories, Linaburg weaves a story of redemption, healing, sacrifice, and what ‘terminal’ means. She infuses hope into desperate situations, forgiveness and healing into torrid circumstances, and memorable characters that will stay with you long after you set the book down. Readers of gritty contemporary, suspense, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fans alike will find something to appreciate in this book.

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