Tuesday, March 7, 2023


 Hey everyone! Today I'm privileged to share a review of The Haven Deception by Jule Voelk! I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this author on this debut dystopian, and I couldn't be more proud of her and the work she put into it. Check out some information below, then my review, and make sure to pick up a copy soon!


A hundred years ago, humans damned their world with selfish desires. Greed, power, and genetic experiments created things no one thought would ever be more than a myth. Made from human experimentation, vampires and werewolves drove the rest of humanity underground. Now, these subspecies control the new world.

The Haven, first built as a nuclear bomb shelter, is the first bunker to decide it’s time for humankind to take a stand again; live, not just survive. Until this moment, members of The Haven have only heard varied stories of the world above. The new generation finally has a shot to change the storyline, and eighteen-year-old Helene is among them, claiming her chance of becoming a Scout. They have been trained to assess the outside world and deem it safe. She wants to change her life for the better.

But what will she find on the other side of The Haven? 



Jule is a German-born writer now living in the U.S. She is still pursuing high school and has written in school magazines while also specializing in young adult fiction. Jule has written and published The Haven Deception alongside a high school career as a student and a double varsity sport athlete. She currently lives with her parents, brother, and dog in New York. 



With dynamic and immersive worldbuilding, Voelk has an excellent knack for drawing readers into her world. Her idea is original and attention-grabbing, and she keeps readers at the edge of their seat with what's going to happen next. Told in multiple POVs torn between the above-ground world and the bunker that characters have come to know as The Haven, readers watch the characters rapidly unravel a mystery surrounding their best friend Helene -- and the answer might not be what you expect. Voelk has a way of catching readers with building tension, with a dash of romance, and vivid storytelling. If you like dystopian, you'll want to pick this one up ASAP. 

Have you read The Haven Deception yet? And if you haven't, are you adding it to your TBR now??


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