Friday, May 10, 2024

 Anyone like historical fantasies? 'Tis time to load up your Kindles/e-readers/apps! It's almost release day for TKTQ, so how about a Kindle freebie sale? Click the titles for the respective Amazon link, and check out some quotes below!

May 10th, snag a free copy of THE LADY OF LANARIA (book 1) (formatting problems have been resolved! Once and for all!!)
May 11th, pick up a freebie of THE HEALER OF THE BRIGADE (book 2)
May 12th, snag a freebie of THE HIGHLANDER'S VICTORY (book 3), the first time this one's been on sale since release day.
Enjoy binge-reading those for free, then check out THE KINGDOM'S TRUE QUEEN (book 4), releasing May 14th! Preorders are still open for $0.99.
What are these books about? Light overcoming darkness. Good triumphing over evil. Hard decisions to follow God's will for your life. Seeing yourself as God sees you, not what people have labeled you. Laying aside your pride and humbling yourself before God. And choosing to do what's right even if it costs you everything.

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