Monday, May 6, 2024

 Hey there! Been waiting for paperbacks or hardcovers of Sustain? You, my friend, are in luck. Because they're arriving roughly a month before Kindle! 

May 7th (today, to be exact), you can order paperbacks for $14.99 or hardcovers for $19.99! As a reminder, Sustain is a thirty day devotional AND a five-week study guide is included in the back for independent or group study.

Click HERE to order your copy today. If Kindle is more your speed, you can snag a preorder for $4.99! 

I'm also thrilled to be donating all royalties from this book to Fire Now Ministries, a local outreach and evangelism effort. You can follow them on Facebook HERE and even tune into their weekly Thursday Bible study livestreams, no matter where in the world you hail from! 

If you can share about the devotional with someone, I surely hope that you do--it's my prayer that this book reaches who needs it most! 

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