Friday, May 10, 2024

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Today I'm thrilled to share a review of Etania's Destiny by M.H. Elrich, the final book in the Daughters of Tamnarae series! Today also happens to be release day for this great book. Check the blurb out below and then keep reading for my review. 


As civil war looms on the horizon, Etania must embrace her destiny or fall to darkness...

Before the war begins, Etania determines to stop it by any means necessary—even if it requires her to train the man who betrayed her. Then an unnatural darkness sweeps the land, testing friend and foe alike. Etania knows only her powers as a Vexli can end Damien and Narak’s evil spell. Will Etania defeat the darkness or succumb to it herself?

Find out in Etania’s Destiny, the third and final installment of Etania’s stories.

Content Warnings: Kissing, kiss before honeymoon. One character wrestles with adulterous and lustful thoughts, and alcoholism. There is pregnancy and a relationship out of wedlock. The villain is demon possessed. There is violence related to warfare with minimal description of blood and dead bodies. There is no cussing.

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M.H. Elrich is a Christian Fantasy author, reader, and teacher who wears too many hats. In her spare time (if she has any), she watches anime with her husband, rides horses, and travels to places with lots of trees. Her short stories and devotionals have been featured in The Writer Word, Short Fiction Break, Orpheus, Kern County Fair, Where Giants Fall, and Finding God in Anime Volume 2.

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This one was easily read in just a couple sittings because it drew me in so quickly. Between the compelling character arcs, rich descriptions, and moments of fun intermingled with the more serious circumstances surrounding Etania, Keyel, and the secondary characters -- there's a lot to love. The fantasy elements are executed with excellence and ease of understanding. The story is real and raw, dealing with the fact that the healing and forgiveness process ebbs and flows (there's a quote about how one character can forgive in one moment and the next, struggles with it) and a good many other themes that I appreciated, especially the author's very realistic window into how those themes work in our world as well as Etania's. If you enjoy the fantastical, dragons, the struggle between darkness and light, and a whole lot more--do make sure to pick up this book as well as the rest of the series if you haven't yet!

I read and reviewed an advance copy to write my review; thoughts and opinions are my own! 


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