The Road to "My Compass Home" : Cast Interviews

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hey everyone!  In case you missed it, I published My Compass Home last Wednesday, and it can be found on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.  You can also click HERE to enter a giveaway I'm holding, in which one winner will received a signed paperback copy of My Compass Home.  (Details included on the giveaway page).  The giveaway closes this weekend, so don't wait to enter the giveaway!  Finally, the first book in the series - Welcome Home - is available for free on Kindle until June 20th at midnight.
With all of that out of the way, I recently read about a fun idea: doing a "cast interview" for the characters of your books.  Without further ado, well, the "cast" of My Compass Home!  I'm treating it more like a movie interview because, well, I have no clue how to make this seem like I'm not a total nutcase otherwise. 

Interviewer: This question is for everyone. What are you most excited about in  My Compass Home?  

You really haven't seen many spoilers for this, have you?  There are a ton of things to be excited about.  I'm not always a fan of romances - come on, you can't beat the action genre or a graphic novel - but I guess it's different alongside such great folks.  Not to spoil anything (looking at Levi) 

Levi: (Coughing awkwardly) Yep.  No spoilers, sorry, but it's a pretty great story.  In my opinion, anyway.  Too. 

Spencer: And they're not the only ones who get the spotlight.  Lu and I --

Lucy: Have the best news ever!  I mean, for us.  You guys (gesturing to Ellie and Levi) have super-awesome news, too.  Don't want to steal the spotlight. 

Interviewer: Okay....what do you think was the most difficult scene out of all of them?

Ellie -- Hands down, yelling at Levi.  I mean, look at this face! 

Levi -- (Blushing) Not to mention that you're terrifying when you yell at me.  I mean, your face gets as red as your hair, and you know what they say about redheads and tempers -- (Ellie swats his arm) Ow! 

Spencer -- I think she just proved his point. 

Interviewer: And the best scene?

Levi -- All of the ones I had with Ellie, obviously.  But I also have to point out that the kissing scene was spectacular. 

Ellie -- I have to agree.  But the arcade scene was pretty fun, too--(teasingly)

Lucy --And ours...well, I think we had a lot of good scenes too, right?  And I love how this installment ended for us.  What a cliffhanger!

Spencer -- Yeah, I'm interested to see how the writer handles the cliffhanger.  Who just contacted you?  A stalker, weird-o, or really your-- (Lucy jumps up and clamps her hand over Spencer's mouth) 

Lucy -- No spoilers, remember?

Spencer -- Yep, sorry. 

Interviewer: Alrighty.  You guys handle spoilers a lot better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe folks --

Ellie -- Ooh, I know!  Have you seen the newest movie?  It's--

Levi -- So good! Did you see the scene--

Interviewer: Okay, let's steer this ship back around.  Sorry, just...on a tight schedule here.  Anyway, what are the most important messages that you think are involved in My Compass Home?  

Ellie -- Don't be afraid to heal and move on from your past.  It's important to learn from your mistakes, but learning also means that you shouldn't hold yourself back because of them. 

Levi -- I can vouch for that too. A message I liked, or at least one I hoped I could convey for the audience, was that second chances are great, but only for the right people.  I gave my ex all the chances she could ever want, but she never changed.  Ellie, on the other hand, was willing to see how her emotional barriers were problematic and she worked to improve.  Now, I could've just turned my back on her, but she was the kind of person that deserves a second chance.  Someone who doesn't intentionally hurt or manipulate you, and if they do hurt you, they try to change themselves for the better. 

Spencer -- Forgiveness is another factor, and I think it ties into Ellie's and Levi's responses.  Forgiveness of others, and seeking forgiveness for yourself, is important in a lot of healing processes, especially healing of the mind.  And not being afraid to ask God when you know you've messed up, too. 

Lucy -- guys took all the good responses!  I think my answer will probably feed into the third installment.  Faith is an important staple in everyone's life, and we should hold onto it even when the going gets tough.  Remaining hopeful in the face of dismal circumstances helps us keep the faith, not to mention our spirit.  Even if you can't see the way out of a situation, there's always a way.  And love -- all kinds of love, like the love of God, love for family, love for friends -- keeps us together no matter what.

Interviewer: Okay.  That seems like a pretty good place to stop.  Thanks for stopping by, everyone!  Make sure to grab a copy of My Compass Home to see what these guys were just talking about. 

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  1. EPPPPICC! And I love the MCU sidetracky-ness. ♥♥ These characters rock.