The Road to "My Compass Home" : The Final Stages

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Exciting news, everyone:  I'm in the last stages of editing and the preparation period for sending it to CreateSpace for approval has begun as well.  Of course, this might be the most hectic period of time, even more hectic than actually writing it! 

Now that I'm in the last leg of working on this project, I've created a separate playlist of songs that I use for editing purposes only.  They attempt to capture the "aesthetics" of the project overall, not simply a certain scene or chapter within the book.  Basically, they evoke the same feelings that I want to evoke in the book overall.  No rhyme or reason here, guys.  Nonetheless, I love each of these songs and use them very often for editing purposes.  They're listed below if you would like to listen to any of them!

Do you use different playlists for editing and for writing?  Are there any songs in particular that you "fall back on" (so to speak) for writing projects?  

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