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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I have a whole ream of exciting news, guys!
1) Something New is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats!  Just a quick search away.  Make sure to pick up a copy of Beautiful Chaos too if you haven't read it yet.  
2) I am looking for folks to sign up for a blog tour for Something New!  You can see the blog post about it HERE and sign up right HERE by August 28th!  
3) I will be hosting a pretty sweet giveaway September 1-8, so make sure to stay tuned for that as well. 
4) I'm in the process of opening an Etsy store, where you'll be able to purchase *signed* paperback copies of my books -- at the same list price as Amazon!  Stay tuned for information on that, which will become available as soon as my stock arrives in the mail!

Now, on to the (albeit short) blog post!
Recently, the Christian band For King & Country released a new single from their upcoming album titled "God Only Knows."  (Just putting this here: I'm in no way affiliated with For King & Country, nor are any of my products.)  I was absolutely floored by the song and thought it would be a great example to include as a message within parts of the book.  While Something New does not deal with suicide like their video does (and what an important message it is), it deals with the fallout pertaining to drug addiction and what it takes to get clean.  One character that was introduced in the first book, Beautiful Chaos, is attempting to end her addictions and she is drawn to Christianity, but thinks she's too far gone to be wanted by God or anyone else.  I think this is a crucial theme to include when discussing drug addiction because God loves you, no matter how far astray you've slipped.  He can fill the lonely spots in your life that nothing, not even drugs, can fill or take the place of.  And only He knows what to think of you -- not you, the people who try to tear you down, or even your friends/family.  Not to mention, those concepts are far overreaching than simply affecting the drug epidemic: literally everyone in this universe can benefit from that message.  

The same theme is expressed in For King & Country's song, and I listened to it on repeat while I was writing that specific section in my novel.  It's just such an important thing to impress upon others, especially young adults who struggle or are in close contact daily (whether it's through school, community, or even their families) with difficult situations that make them question their worth and who they are.  This series, especially, is concerned with young adults finding their way in a big ole world, regardless of who you are or what your qualifications are.  Jobs, marriage, finding an identity in Christ and in the community, and working to glorify God and leave your community - or the world - better than you found it. 

I hope these messages are clear in these books, because I am just so excited with the idea of sharing such themes in a real-world, (hopefully) relatable way!  

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