Music Review: "Deep" by Chaylyn!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hey everyone!  Today I have a special post reviewing Chaylyn's debut EP, "Deep"!  This is a great trio of songs and after listening to them, I can't wait to hear more songs by this artist in the future! 

The EP was released this September and has three songs: "Deep," "Butterflies," and "Tired."  Chaylyn is a young Christian artist who has been passionate about music from a very early age.  Her music is what I would consider contemporary/pop with a softer sort of tone mixed in.  Her music style is wonderful, with gentle instrumental backing for each song that just captures each mood perfectly.  Her voice is very sweet and clear. 

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The titular song is one that, when listening to it, I absolutely cannot be distracted from.  It's the type of song that just grabs your attention and holds it.  It's also one that you'll be humming for the rest of the day (or the week...).  Chaylyn captures a serious yet passionate message in her voice as well as the lyrics - God's love runs deep for us and will save us from anything.  I love the softness of the song, and I'll update you all when I stop humming it.  There is a YouTube lyric video of this one, which you can view HERE.  Let me know if you can't stop humming it either. 

I immediately had to smile at this song - the simple guitar picking at the beginning was sweet.  Of course, I'll immediately put a song on repeat if it combines a guitar and cello, and that's exactly what this one does, with a sprinkling of piano.  This song seems to showcase Chaylyn's range nicely, as both the music and the lyrics are upbeat and bouncy. This one is a sweet love song and the lyrics paint such a nice picture.  


"Tired" seems to ask the question - does God see us when we're in our darkest place?  It's a slow, somber song that somehow encapsulates the mood, again, perfectly.  I haven't heard a lot of songs with this message that weren't in the rock/metal genre, so this was interesting to listen to.  This is probably my favorite song out of the EP, although I enjoyed all three of them; it's very relatable and - like I mentioned earlier, it seems to perfectly capture the mood, from her voice to the piano and (I think) cello in the back. 

Overall, if you're looking for fresh Christian music to listen to in the new year, I'd definitely recommend this EP in its entirety.  It has a nice blend of unique songs. 

While I was listening to them, all three of these songs instantly reminded me of some themes I want to include in some writing projects of my own, so they'll find their way into my writing playlists pretty soon.  That's some For King & Country-level inspiration here, guys.  Go pick up a copy of this EP! 

You can buy a digital copy of her EP from Amazon HERE, or you can stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and Napster.  You can also follow Chaylyn on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or you can check out her website HERE.  You can snag a CD copy of "Deep"  from her website- which I would definitely recommend! 

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