Saturday, December 29, 2018

Week In Review + G I V E A W A Y !

Hey everyone!
I'm baaack -- I hope!  With school on hiatus and the yearly Christmas play finished, I'm ready to annoy y'all again.  But I have some fun announcements to compensate for that, so continue on, dear readers!

The play went surprisingly well this year, although it was one that we did 4 years ago...which meant that everyone was quoting someone else's lines.  We had a couple of young kiddos in their debut performance, too, and they did well too.

I had the role of this angel-in-disguise who has to talk sense into a youth group -- and unnerve them a little bit, because why not.  Except I had to "disappear" constantly, meaning I'd duck into a box at stage-right and stay hidden.  And man, it was probably divine intervention that I didn't fall down backwards trying to get into my hidey-hole during the play, because that's exactly what I did at EVERY. SINGLE. PRACTICE. 


Make sure to tune in on...Monday or Tuesday, when I'll review 2018 and look forward to 2019. I have a lot of news in the works for that one.  I'll also have a super-special post on Thursday, which I'm excited about.  Make sure to tune in!

Currently Reading: a Debbie Macomber book pertaining to angels, the title of which escapes me.  Funny because I just got done playing one of those.

Currently Writing: I got about 5k written this week for test-chapters for Keeping Cassie and Guide Me Home.

Current Bible verse: "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me."
(Psalm 51:10-11 NIV)

Now for the announcements:

If you're interested in Kindle books, all of mine will be FREE tomorrow -- December 30th -- for that day only.  Make sure to snag some fresh reading!  I also have my paperbacks on Amazon knocked back to their Black Friday prices, so if you missed that sale, here's your chance.  Prices go back up Jan. 1!

Also.... I have some overstock of books and I'm currently moving stuff around in an attempt to clean for the new year, so I'd like to get a couple books out of my hair.

Want to help me with that?  It won't cost you a dime...

...because I'm hosting a giveaway!

The rules are as follows:
If you live in the U.S., you can enter to win two signed books of your choice.  That's right - you can choose whichever ones you'd like to have!

If you live across the pond but still want to participate, you can enter to win two PDF copies of the 2018 releases of your choice- Something New, My Compass Home, or Everything And Nothing (and if you sign up for the newsletter, you'll end up with Everything And Nothing as well, so you're really getting all three).  I wish I could ship signed books to you guys as well, but shipping is super expensive. (I say that as USPS shipping rates are set to go up too...hmm.  Maybe I should blame my reluctance to ship internationally on customs instead.)

Basically, there are two separate grand prizes in this case.  Make sure to enter the correct giveaway - there's one for the signed books and one for the PDF copies.  For the PDFs, I might hand-write and sign a little note to email to you so it's like a signed book...ish.  Anyway.

The giveaway runs from New Year's Day until January 8th, so you have a week to enter.  Make sure to spread the word!

Enter below!



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How are you guys spending New Year's?  Any goals for 2019?  


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