See Ya, 2018 / Hello, 2019!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Sooo 2018 was insanely busy from start to finish.  I'm incredibly thankful for my family and all of you guys for the support and for keeping up with the madness! 

Things I did this year:

  • Published 2 novels and a short poetry book
  • Hosted my first giveaway
  • Was involved in several AWESOME blog tours, beta/alpha reads, and even had my first editing client - which was so exciting I can't even elaborate.  As I write this, several of the books I beta-ed are sitting on my Kindle and physical bookshelves, all of which I hope to savor in 2019! 
  • Wrote/acted/helped direct a church play, which was both intense and fantastic
  • Started my senior year of college, got on the Dean's List twice, and got into two honor societies
  • Wrote many articles for my college's newspaper
  • Started being more involved on social media/blogging
  • Ummm, probably a ton of other stuff that I forgot about and will recall later...
This year had some negatives too.  I am a perfectionist by nature and enjoy predictability in my school habits so that I have time to do other things (ie work, horseback riding, hobbies, developing a business, actually taking a breaK TO BREATHE...) but several of my professors did not get that memo.  Lots of fun "I forgot to post this massive assignment, it's due in two days" emails.  Lots of stress there. In addition to that, I started off the new year of 2018 with high levels of panic over my career choice.

Credit: Super Mario Odyssey (?) // Tenor

Perfect GIF.  Kid you not. 
When I began college, I intended to become a secondary-ed teacher.  Through a series of events, researching student teaching, and speaking with teachers I know in real life, I quickly learned that teaching wasn't in my blood, at least not in a traditional format.  You see, I enjoy some level of structure, but I like to be my own person; do my own thing.  You can't do that with your teaching curriculums.  Duh.  

 Thus began my fun new experience with anxiety.  Not every day that your entire life plan crumbles as if Thanos just snapped his fingers.

Credit: Avengers: Infinity War// Tenor

Thanks to that -- I strongly recommend Sadie Robertson's Live Fearless because it helped me straighten myself out.  

For now, I'm hoping to stay with my current job and begin my own editing/marketing business, which will carry the same name as this blog. That should be opening up after May, once I've been flung off the crazy Tilt-A-Whirl called college.  I am also excited about some related news I'll be posting about on Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled!  

I feel...weird, though.  I feel like I have to have everything figured out, including my entire life plan, by May -- but I don't have to.  I know I don't, I just feel like I do.  Whew.  We'll see what 2019 brings.  

While I'm not planning on teaching in a school, I'm hoping to write how-to articles/books/videos or something and open up mentoring for young writers, which will combine my independence (*cough* Tony Stark-ism maybe) with my passion for helping others learn the trade.  

Here's to 2019 and learning to step out in faith boldly, knowing that God's got this.  Definitely more than I do!  

Next year, I hope to...
  • Write at least 2 books
  • Launch my business and start taking on clients
  • Get on the Dean's List one last time, since I've been on it every semester.  At this point, it'd drive me crazy if I only got 7 out of 8.  No pressure.
  • Participate in more blog tours/alphas/betas because I seriously enjoy doing it 
  • NOT FREAK OUT over life
  • Credit: Tangled //gyfcat

    What are your plans for 2019 or reflections from 2018?  I hope you all have a great, fun, and blessed New Year!

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