Reveries Co. Blog Tour: Interview with Angela R. Watts, Co-Manager

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hey everyone! Here's the Super Exciting Post that I've been talking about!
Kellyn Roth of the Reveries blog and Angela R Watts of The Peculiar Messenger are launching a fantastic new resource for independent authors: Reveries Co., which is comprised of talented service providers that offer many services to help authors achieve publication success: from the best graphic designers for your book covers, to critiques, editing, proofreading, and interior formatting -- and beyond with social media management and web design options! Go to the new and shiny website for Reveries Co. for more info!
I had the pleasure of interviewing the co-manager, Ms. Watts, about the new company!

1. What is the inspiration behind Reveries Co.?
 Kellyn and I are both self-published authors, and we know how difficult it is to edit our books and market efficiently--without a lot of money to spare. Reveries Co. is a company for authors who need quality services on an affordable budget.

2.  Which service are you most excited to offer as a company and why?
I'm excited Reveries Co. not only offers editorial services, but interior and exterior designs, marketing help, and consulting. Those services are useful for an author to gain knowledge and make their books the best they can be!

Personally, I look forward to offering my editorial services, consulting, and critique work. I love working with authors and doing what I enjoy!

3.  How do you hope Reveries Co. will impact the indie writing community?  
Reveries Co. not only has mercy on an author's wallet, but it gives an author solid ground to stand on. Many Indie authors struggle with having their book properly edited, finding a cover that stands out (in a good way), and learning how to market. Reveries Co. will be the go-to company for authors who are ready to take their journey to the next level! 

4. Why is Reveries Co. unique from any other author service company?  
The Reveries Co. team has over forty years of experience combined. We're all writers who know the self-publishing world and want to change it for better. We offer many services at affordable prices--this is not something that is easy to find! Our team looks forward to helping fellow authors: we don't look at our job as something to simply finish. We enjoy what we do and strive to make our customers happy!

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, make sure to join the Facebook party this Saturday! There will be giveaways and service discounts, Q&'ll want to tune in!

If you've been keeping up with the blog tour already, you may have seen my name mentioned (or my mug on a couple of graphics). I am offering editing and social media management through Reveries Co.! I'm very grateful to be included in this awesome team of service providers and I can't wait to see what's in store as the company officially opens for business!

In this next graphic, you might notice a few covers that are very familiar to you, including one from yours truly...

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What are your thoughts?  Will you be entering the giveaway? 

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