Week in Review: Back to the Grind

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hey everyone!  This is the last day before heading back to class.  I'm hoping to keep up with writing blog posts, especially ones in advance, but we'll see how the semester unfolds.  Gulp.

I only have access to a couple of classes so far, but from what I'm seeing, it's going to be a L O N G 16-17 weeks.  In one class, I have to write a poem every single day (and turn them in for grading/critique), which should be interesting.  I'll have a ton of poems written, if nothing else.  Oof.

There's an interesting post I have scheduled for Wednesday, so make sure to stay tuned for that.  Somethin' about writing and a chance for some freebies. 

Currently Reading: Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio and The Warrior Maiden  by Melanie Dickerson. This week, I read the Blue Justice series by Lynette Eason (and now have to wait until August for the next one...) and Live Without You by Sarah Grace Grzy, which I'll be posting a review for...stay tuned! 

Current Projects: I only wrote about 3k between Guide Me Home and Keeping Cassie but since this was my "get everything done before school starts" week, I daresay that's fine. Except I want to write more and my eye is currently twitching just thinking about my schedule. (No seriously. It is.)

Credit: Disney's Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure // Wikia

Current Bible verse: Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? (Luke 12:25 NIV). In Sunday school today, we had a lesson on being still and listening instead of constantly fretting over everything and what needs done. (The story of Mary and Martha.) I know this verse doesn't pertain to that story, but it kind of ties in (at least, in my weird mind). We can't worry a problem away, so if we spend more quiet time with God giving those problems up to Him, we're bound to be better off. 

How are you guys doing in these January ides?  Any projects you're working on, or new releases you're anticipating? 

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