Saturday, July 17, 2021


 Hey everyone! Today I have a cover reveal for Angela R. Watts' NEXT upcoming Infidel book, which takes you back to the very beginning. Get ready for Paradise Lost, book #0 of The Infidel Books. This cover is absolutely astounding. I had the honor of beta-reading this beast (it packs a punch) and it's definitely one you'll want to add to your TBR. 

So let's get going, right?! 


The end of an era begins—but three young men refuse to fall victim to the Second Civil War.

Gideon Hochberg has lost everything—except two thieving friends and his dog. When the nation’s strongest ganglord shows interest in their street skills and mercenary-like abilities, they take the chance they’ve fought for and join Johnston’s ranks.

But the USA is under martial law after war breaks out over constitutional rights, and the three men must decide why they’re fighting, and who they can trust. As they face death and struggle to learn the ropes of the new world they have to conquer, one thing remains steadfast: each other.

If you love post-apocalyptic thrillers and want a fast-paced and gritty adventure, grab Paradise Lost and dive into a falling nation.

Intense, right? Well, if you're into the Infidel Books series, there's good news. You only have to wait TEN DAYS for this release -- it's coming July 27th! 

Now, for the cover....
And it's just as mind blowing as the rest of the series. 

You ready? 

How about that cover? 

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